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For Sale - Baader Contrast Booster with IR Cut 2" mounted filter $100

Greg Erianne
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Key points (from Baader Planetarium Web site):

  • 2" Baader Contrast Booster® Filter that completely eliminates false color
  • Removes the bluish "hue" (=lack of contrast) during lunar, planetary, solar and terrestrial observation
  • Boosts contrast and sharpness for fast achromatic telescopes - with over 95% transmission
  • Planeoptically polished, non-ageing sealed coating edges
  • Removes unsharp stars images when using red-sensitive digital and CCD-cameras

**Since this filter is used primarily for visual observation and I'm focusing on astrophotography, I decided to sell it.  It's really an excellent filter, especially for planetary views, and provides an outstanding boost to contrast of images.

I will accept only PayPal as payment or cash or check if you are local to South Burlington.

If you are nearby South Burlington and want to pick the filter up, you can deduct $10 from the sale price.  I will provide directions.

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