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For Sale - Tele Vue 55mm Plossl $185; Excellent condition

Greg Erianne
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The Tele Vue 55mm Plossl is a fantastic lower power eyepiece and gives great views with an extraordinary eye relief.  Unfortunately, the exit pupil is a little too large for the combination of my 150mm f/8 telescope and my older eyes, so this eyepiece doesn't get much use anymore.

It will come in the original box with the Tele Vue sticker/inserts, packaging, and dust caps.

I will pay USPS Priority Mail shipping (U.S. only, please) as long as you'll agree to the price, and I will accept payment only through PayPal. 

If you're within a short driving distance, you can feel free to pick it up and deduct $15 from the sale price.  I can provide you with directions.


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