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SH2-240 or Spaghetti nebula

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Here's a shot of Sharpless 2-240, aka Simeis 147 or the Spaghetti nebula.   SH2-240 is a faint supernova remnant in  one of the first images I've taken with my 60mp cooled mono camera.    This is a dim and very large nebula over 3 degrees in  apparent diameter.   It spans both the Auriga and Taurus constellations.     It's fairly young at 40,000 years old and is 3,000 lightyears distant from Earth.   a rapidly spinning neutron star known as pulsar PSR J0538+2817 was left behind in the nebula core, emitting a strong radio signal.

I took this image with a AstroPhysics 92mm Stowaway with 0.8 Focal reducer (f5 overall).   On the Stowaway I used a ZWO ASI6200MM camera and 3nm Chroma filters.   This image is the result of 6 hours of exposure, 3 each in Ha and OIII.   The exposures were each 20 minutes in length.   I was able to capture this image recently in between the clouds.   I hope to add time to the image as most of this target are 20-30 hours at similar focal ratios.




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Wow!  Very intricate.  With 60Mp and the short focal length you can fit it all in and great the fine details at the same time!  And this of course is now where near a full resolution copy.  I notice there is a foreground dust cloud on the right side that is blocking some of the light from the nebula.  Adds to the interest.

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