Monthly Meetings

Location: Brownell Library, Essex Jct., Vermont

Time:  7:30 – 9:00 PM

  • Set up and Socializing (7:00 – 7:30)
  • Welcome & Current Happenings 
  • Featured Presentation 
  • Members available for questions 
  • Snacks provided

October 2

Fall Observing – Taking it to Another Level
By Angele Mott-Nickerson, Dennis Woos, Keith Lawrence, Mark Moyer and Bob Williams

This presentation will of 4 segments as follows:
1) Angele and Dennis will talk about 15 objects in the fall sky visible in a 6″ telescope (5 easy, 5 intermediate, 5 challenging) for members to try to find. We will highlight these at our October star party and give a certificate to those who succeed in finding them. This will require some type of record keeping. Keith will have clipboards and lights for those who want to try sketching.
2) Keith will cover limiting visual magnitude, seeing conditions and an Observing Primer he has assembled.
3) Mark will talk about using observing lists.
4) Bob Williams will do a piece about fall sky orientation.

November 6

Stories from the 2017 Solar Eclipse
By Several VAS Members

8-21-17 eclipse captured by Paul Walker

Some members of the Vermont Astronomical Society traveled to locations spread across the US to view the total eclipse of the Sun.  Those that couldn’t, viewed the partial phases from Vermont and many set up equipment to help the public view the partial eclipse.




8-21-17 eclipse captured by Joe Comeau


Come hear the stories, both of the people who traveled far away and those who stayed home as they share their experiences and pictures.




December 4

FAST Radio Telescope in China (500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope)
By Al Boudreau

China is making moves to become a world leader in astronomy. The latest example is their enormous FAST radio telescope (the world’s largest at a mile in circumference). This talk describes the construction, operation, and astronomical data it will reveal, including the search for ET.

The completed FAST Radio Telescope located in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, southwest China.

Workers under the dish. The yellow shafts are the actuators for fine tuning the shape of the dish.








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