Has the cold chased you indoors to prepare for the Spring observing season?  Got some spending money after the holidays?  The club is happy to offer “virtual swap tables” during January for members to shop locally with other members to round out their equipment for the coming year.  Simply peruse the virtual swap tables listed below and contact the seller if you see something you want.  Then meet up at the next monthly meeting–or make other arrangements if you prefer–to exchange goods and money.  If you’d like a virtual table, simply save your For Sale/Want Ad in a publicly viewable Google Doc or other website and send us a web link to your list and we’ll add it below.

Please be aware that VAS does not accept or assume any responsibility whatsoever for any transactions between members; nor for the enforcement of copyrights or licenses for media, including, but not limited to, software, videos, or written works. It is up to sellers and buyers to perform due diligence with regard to whether the author or licensor deems such works to be transferable to another owner. VAS will not get involved or intervene in any disputes that arise between any participants. “Buyer beware” and “seller beware” should always be kept in mind when entering into transactions when using this venue.


Swap Tables:

Paul Marino

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