The Vermont Astronomical Society is a group of amateur astronomers with varying backgrounds and levels of expertise whose mission is to promote amateur astronomy in Vermont.

Solar Eclipse Resources

Image Credit – VAS Member Allon Wildgust

About the VAS

We are located in the Burlington, Vermont area with monthly meetings in Essex Junction and an observatory in Hinesburg. Anyone with even a casual interest in observing the night sky or the Sun are invited to attend our monthly meetings (click here for upcoming topics), which are free and open to the public. We also host many public observing events throughout the year (click here to see the current schedule of public events).

We have experienced members who can help you get started in astronomy or help you to improve your skills in your particular area of interest. The Vermont Astronomical Society can help you with most any aspect in amateur astronomy, be it visual observations, astro-imaging or public outreach and education.

We also work with local organizations to bring astronomy to the public through a range of outreach activities. For further information or to arrange a presentation or observing session for your school or group, email us at

For the latest updates on what we’re doing and where we’ll be, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

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