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Astronomy Clubs in Vermont

Stellafane   Springfield Telescope Makers

Hildene   Astronomy Club The Hildene Astronomy Club located in Manchester, VT. It’s mission is to preserve Robert Todd Lincoln’s telescope. They no longer have a separate page on the Hildene web site but I assume they still exist and can be contacted through Hildene Historic Site.

Green Mountain Astronomers, Based in the Rutland, Vermont area. This group is associated with the Vermont Astronomical Society. You can contact the group through this mailing list email address, .

Astronomy Vermont  Lists all the active astronomy clubs in Vermont.

Atmospheric Phenomenon

Atmospheric Optics

Aurora /Space Weather   Gives you sun spot, aurora, and other upcoming event information, and you can sign up for periodic e-mail updates.

Northern Lights Now  Everything you need to hunt and observe aurorae.


Space Telescope Science Institute


Astrophoto Gallery  Gallery where amateur astronomers can post their astrophotos.

Astronomy Photography Search  View thousands of images of space, planets, stars, and more.

Other astro image pages (actually search results) on the about site:

HubbleSite Images,  Wallpaper, Video of Hubble images and findings HubbleSite is produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute’s Office of Public Outreach.

Kids Astronomy and Space Websites

The Space Place   (NASA sponsored site)  Where kids and grown-ups have fun with science and technology.

Astronomy and Space Sites
  This site is contains links to other astronomy and space science sites, many of which are geared for kids.

The Sky At Night From Your Patio Provides basic information on astronomy and elements of the solar system as well as other useful links.

jets-observing-the-skys  This site appears to be sponsored by a commercial flight booking company, however, it has a list of links to some nice astronomy sites for kids (We have not checked them all out but the ones we did look good with most hosted by well known astronomy organizations).

The Governor’s Institute on Astronomy Calling All 9th-11th Grade Astronomers of Vermont! Passionate about the stars, mathematics or physics?  Love exploring the science of the cosmos? Ready to star-gaze like a professional using some of Vermont’s most powerful telescopic equipment? Come explore the universe with new friends from all over the state at this one-of-a-kind Institute. You’ll conduct original research using cutting edge telescope equipment (in one of the darkest observatories in the United States!), discover new frontiers, interact with space professionals ranging from astronomers to spaceship engineers, and learn about careers related to the skies including many right here in Vermont. GIV is dedicated to being accessible for every Vermonter. Our sliding scale tuition goes as low as $10, making it affordable for every family. Applications are open now and close throughout March.

Magazines / Periodicals

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Astronomy Magazine

Miscellaneous Informational Sites

Astronomy Forum

Astronomy History

Atmospheric Optics  Learn about all sorts of atmospheric phenomenon and produces them.

Astronomy and Space Sites  This site is contains links to other astronomy and space science sites, many of which are geared for kids.

Live Astronomy Cameras and Resources  This site is contains links to live web cams at a couple large observatories, for viewing the northern lights and even one on the International Space Station.  Other links to sites include information on astrophotography, stars, the Moon, asteroids, planets and astronomy games & puzzles.  It appears to be hosted and sponsored by home and business security business located in Houston, TX.

The Great List of Astrophotography Software  A site with a list of 44 image processing software applications for astro-images.


Cloudynights Telescope Reviews Reviews and articles on telescopes and more.

Astromart Astronomical classifieds, auctions forums and more.

Observing Aids / Suggested Objects

USNO Data Services  US Naval Observatory sponsored site for calculating /showing aspects of Sun, Moon, Twilight, Day Length, Solar Eclipses, etc.

The Astronomy Connection (TAC) TAC is a service for amateur astronomers. It is based in the San Francisco bay area.

Visual Comets of the Future in North America

The Messier Catalog

BinoSky Guide to stargazing with Binoculars: Detailed lists, etc.

Heavens Above – Learn about and find satellites, planets, comets, asteroids, and other items in the night sky.

The Sky Live

Tonight’s Sky – Not sure what to look for? This website can help you plan your evenings viewings based on where you live and the type of telescope you use.


Champlain Region Model Rocket Club is a Section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). We were chartered in 2002 by a small group of individuals who were interested in furthering their own expertise and in sharing a love of modeling, amateur science, rocketry and camaraderie (and, if truth be known, love of the flame, smoke and roar of rocket engines!)

Star Charts, Planetariums, and Object Finding

Cartes du Ciel – Create your own custom star charts.

Sky Map – Travel the sky looking for objects.

Stellarium – Download and run this free program from your computer. Set the chart to your exact time and location and discover what is in the sky right now.

Solar System

Inconstant Moon Exploring the Moon. Lunar atlas, phase calculator and more.

Planets of the Solar System A good place for finding information about our Solar System. It is set up for young people but is a good source of information and basic facts for everyone.


Astrospheric – Weather forecasting for astronomers, astrophotographers, and most of all explorers.

Clear Sky Chart – Weather information designed for astronomers.

Eye on the Sky Weather Forecast – Vermont and regional weather forecasts.

Weather Underground – Detailed, very localized weather conditions.

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