Easy objects for Spring 2017

The suggestions below are for mid-month in April @9:00pm, May @9:30pm, and June @10:00pm


The Moon

1st quarter on: April 4th,  May 2nd,  June 1st

Full on: April 11th, May 10th,  June 9th

3rd quarter on: April 19th, May 18th, June 17th

New: April 26th, May 25th , June 23rd


Moon phases can be found at:  http://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phases_calendar.phtml


Constellations & Objects


Cassiopeia M52, M103, open clusters
Perseus Double Cluster between Perseus and Cassiopeia; variable star Algol, period of 2.9 days
Auriga M36, M37, M38, open clusters
Taurus Hyades cluster, the head of Taurus; Pleiades cluster, great with binoculars
Gemini M35, open cluster
Orion M42, M43,diffuse nebulae
Cancer M44, open cluster
Ursa Major Mizar & Alcor, easy double star
Hercules M13, M92, globular clusters
Cygnus Alberio, two-color double star, the head of Cygnus the Swan; M29, M39
Scorpius M4, globular cluster




Mars – bright reddish ‘star’ very low, about 10 degrees above the horizon, best in April
Jupiter – starts in April low in the SE, rises earlier each night throughout Spring and Summer
Saturn – starts in April low in the SSE around 2:00am, in May high enough to view about  midnight,  June around 10:00pm; rises earlier each night throughout the Summer.
Venus – rises shortly before Sunrise in Spring, a little earlier each day.
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