Must observe at least 50 Objects from the Messier Catalogue

Binocular Size and Required Information: Same as above. Giant Binoculars such as  11 x 80’s are recommended but not required.

Minimum Requirements:

1.      Required to observe at least:

5 Open Star Clusters
5 Globular Star Clusters
5 Galaxies
2 Nebulae: emission or reflective
1 Planetary or Supernova  Remnant Nebulae

2.      Observe, Identify, Draw and Describe each object. (Drawings and descriptions do not need to be detailed)

Total Minimal Observations for Advanced Certificate:
Open Star Clusters        5

Globular Star Clusters  5

Galaxies                           5

Nebula                             3

Others (any)                  32

Total Minimal Observations: 50

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