Must observe at least 70 Objects from the Messier Catalogue

Telescope Size: A 6” Newtonian Telescope is suggesting but not required for this award. Any size telescope can be used. A wide field low power eyepiece (such as 30x with a 2-degree field of view) is recommended but not required for this award.

Required Information: Date, Time, Location, Telescope Size, Type, F/#, Power, and Object Catalogue #.

Minimal Requirements:

1.      Required to observe at least:

10 Open Star Clusters
10 Globular Star Clusters
15 Galaxies
3 Nebulae

2.      Observe, Identify, Draw and Describe each object. (Drawings and descriptions do not need to be detailed)

Total Minimal Observations for Certificate:

Open Star Clusters       10

Globular Star Clusters 10

Galaxies                       15
Nebula                          3

Others (any)                 32

Total Minimal Observations: 70

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