Lunar Observation Certificate:

Telescope Size: A 4” or larger aperature telescope is suggested but not required.
Some colored filters are strongly suggested but not required for this award.
Any telescope that can get 100x+ can be used. Also a good lunar map or atlas is required.

Required Information: Date, Time, Telescope Size, Telescope Type, F/#, Power and Place of Observation for each set of observations / drawings.

Requirements for the Lunar Certification:

1.      Must observe the Moon at least 4 times.

2.      Observe the Moon in at least 2 different phases (shapes).

3.      Observe, Identify, and Draw the following:
A.    At least 20 different Lunar Craters by Name
B.    At least 5 different Mountain Ranges or Individual Peaks by Name
C.    At least 7 different Mare or Lacus or Sinus by Name
D.    The one ocean feature ( Oceanus Procellarum)
E.    At least 3 different Rilles or Rays or Cliffs or Valleys by Name

4.      Observe, Identify, and Draw the Earthshine Phenomena once.

5.      Observe at least one Lunar Occultation (either star or planet). Try timing the event (either disappearance or reappearance) and compare results to predicted time of event. Note any differences.

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