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IC1318 - Butterfly in chaos

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Terri Zittritsch
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I've wanted to take another crack at imaging around Sadr for a few years now.  I think the first time I tried was at the winter star party in 2019, and I was using a camera that frosted over and the images weren't usable.   This time I've taken both narrow and broadband images.  Narrowband for the nebula and broadband for the stars.   Although I'm not using much star data as my corner stars aren't good due to reducer spacing which I need to improve.  So I've greatly reduced star content to just the central area.   IC1318 is fairly large, and about 40x20 arc minutes in apparent size.    The nebulous area is approximately 1500 ly distant from our solar system.  As you can see it has Ha, OIII and SII nebula and dark nebula throughout the area.    There are numerous objects besides IC1318 in this image, including NGC6910, CR 19, LDN 888, LDN886, LDN 882, LDN883, Barnard 344, P91 and BDN078, this last piece being the dark nebula that makes up the body of the butterfly in the bottom left corner of the image.   I played around with the color schemes as so many of these narrowband images end up looking flat and I wanted to provide some 3D aspect.   I believe I've given it some depth or 3D with this scheme.

Always interested in hearing people's feedback.




Greg Erianne
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Very nice, Terri!!  Yes, you have a nice bit of depth in the image, great colors, and the stars in the center are a nice touch.  Love it.


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