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Telescope is an AP155 EDFS using a focal reducer to f/5.2.  About an hour total exposure time.  Canon DSLR Ra camera.  Davis mountains of west Texas.

Steve Grimsley

Terri Zittritsch
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Steve, a great image, thanks for sharing.     You can see this visually from a dark site with a good size scope.  It was one of the first 'wow' moment I had with my 8" scope and this person Russ Chmela pointed me too.    I've shot it a couple of times over the years.. here's my last version over on astrobin:



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I have been impressed with the newer DSLR's higher Mp camera.  With the relatively short exposures you are using the older lower Mpixel cameras produce noticeable noisier results.  The combination of improved noise per pixel and more pixels is like going from a "fast" grainy film to a just as fast or maybe even a faster fine grain film, which of course we didn't have back in the day.

With the 30 Mp full frame camera and 806mm focal length you are getting very good detail even in the smaller galaxies.  It's like having a bigger scope without having to have a bigger scope.

I noticed with my newer camera, a Canon T7i (24 Mp, APS-C sensor) when comparing images taken with my old Canon XT (8Mp, APS-C sensor) than with a 1 hour exposures the T7i was notably better, a bit surprisingly with 3 hours of exposure, visually the images looked very similar when viewed full screen on the computer.  Of course, the 24 Mp image could be magnified more and still look good.

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