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IC 443 (Jellyfish Nebula/SNR), IC 444, PN HoCr 1 w/ RGB stars

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I was finally able to get just a little more time on the Jellyfish Nebula for this season and include some SII and OIII data in the image! 😃 I guess we're all getting tired of it for this year, but I wanted to post my last attempt since I think the additional time allowed a nice integration of the different gases on the Jellyfish itself and highlights the nuances of the SII and OIII on the nebula and in the immediate vicinity.
The small (blue) planetary nebula, HoCr 1, is in the top of the frame.  I also posted an annotated version from PixInsight.
Capture Dates: 2/24, 2/26, 2/29, and 3/1.
Askar 107PHQ w/0.7x reducer, ASI2600MM
Nebula Filters: Antlia 3nm S (1:00), H (1:40), O (1:10) narrowband filters (total 3:50 integration).
RGB Stars Filters: Antlia V-Pro R (0:28), G (0:21), B (0:29) (total 1:18 integration).
Processed in PixInsight

Terri Zittritsch
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Another beautiful image Greg, and interesting color palette!   Not many people display green in images, and instead modify it to some orange or yellow-orange, which ends up blurring the gas contributions a bit,  but it works here.   Thanks for sharing.   Nice details as well.



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@terri Thanks, Terri.  I get pale and sweaty when I see that much green in an image!!  🤣 I've seen so many others that have this sort of palette on this target, though, I thought I'd give it a try.  I do think the detail comes through with it a bit better than if I modified the color (which I tried).

I was very happy with the detail on the Jellyfish itself, and liked the representation of the different gases.  


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