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Sh2-232 (Great Pumpkin) with Sh2-235, Sh2-231, Sh2-233, and PK173+03.1

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I initially captured Sh2-232 (Great Pumpkin Nebula) in Auriga as a time-filler since the Milky Way and most of the nebulae are already on the west side of the meridian by the time it gets dark -- and pickings in Feb/March get slim for nebulae after about 11:00 pm. 

But it turned out to be a very interesting target! There 3 other nebulae in the frame (Sh2-235, Sh2-231, and Sh2-233; ordered from closest to Sh2-232 to the farthest away), as well as a planetary nebula (PK173+03.1) at the center of Sh2-232!  There also is a misclassified planetary nebula, PK173+02.1 just below Sh-235, but it now appears to be an HII region (Sh2-235A) associated with Sh2-235.  Sh2-232 itself has some nice dust lanes in it as well. 

Of course, I had to process this one in the ‘Pumpkin’ palette since it’s, well, a pumpkin! 😊 If you rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise, you can see the Great Pumpkin much better.

Capture Dates: 2/19 and 2/20.
Askar 107PHQ w/0.7x reducer, ASI2600MM
Nebula Filters: Antlia 3nmH (1:25), O (0:15) narrowband filters (total 1:40 integration).
RGB Stars Filters: Antlia V-Pro R (0:10), G (0:10), B (0:10) (total 0:30 integration).
Processed in PixInsight
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Terri Zittritsch
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Hi Greg, I thought I replied but likely forgot to hit enter… I do this a lot.    A beautiful image of these objects in perfect pumpkin colors.   I’ve not heard of them before so I’ll add them to my list as well.    Most of the sharpness catalog are a bit foreign to me and I see them in my Charles Bracken book, but there is no associated image in Sky Safari for me to see.    I need to get another catalog.



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@terri Thanks, Terri.  This was an interesting side-project!  Had fun with it.


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