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Sh2-221 (SNR G160.8+02.6) with Sh2-219, Sh2-217 [LBN 745]

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This image contains three Sharpless objects, Sh2-221, Sh2-219, and Sh2-217, all three of which are at the southwest corner of the constellation Auriga, near Capella.

The main (and largest) object in the image is SH2-221, a supernova remnant (SNR) that is about 2,600 light years away and designated as SNR G160.9+02.6 (or SNR G160.8+02.6 depending on the source).  Sh2-221 extends out of the bottom of the frame since it is too large to fit in a single frame at this focal length (512 mm; FOV 2.6 deg x 1.7 deg).

The other two nebulae, Sh2-219 (LBN 747) and Sh2-217 (LBN 745) can be seen on the right side of the image, Sh2-217 at the right side of the image being the larger of the two.  Both Sh2-219 and Sh2-217 are energized by stars at their centers and are approximately 13,000 and 17.000 light years away, respectively.

The entire area probably has quite a bit more surrounding HII and OIII than what I was able to show here, but I wanted to try and capture some of the structure of the two smaller nebulae and couldn’t accomplish both given the limited time I had on the target.

Capture Dates: 3/7-8/2024.

 Askar 107PHQ w/0.7x reducer (fl 524mm), ASI2600MM

Nebula Filters: Antlia 3nm S (2:20), H (2:20), O (1:20) narrowband filters (total 6:00 integration).

RGB Stars Filters: Antlia V-Pro R (0:10), G (0:10), B (0:10) (total 0:30 integration).


Processed in PixInsight

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