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Sh2-86, NGC 6823, and NGC 6820

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Sh2-86 is a large emission nebula, in the constellation Vulpecula (Little Fox).  The open cluster (NGC 6823) at the center of Sh2-86 formed approximately 2 million light-years (ly) away and contains very young, hot stars.  It is about 50 ly across and is approximately 6,000 ly away from Earth.

Because of the large, dark, finger-like pillar of eroding gas and dust (bottom left) in Sh2-86, this nebula is sometimes called a mini-M16 (Eagle Nebula), which contains the Pillars Of Creation.


Capture Date: 10/4/2023

Celestron EdgeHD 800 w/0.7x reducer (fL of 1422mm) with Celestron OAG and ASI174mm mini guide camera

ASIAir Plus, ASI2600MC, ZWO AM5 mount, ZWO 5-position filter wheel

Filter: Antlia ALP-T 5nm Dual Narrowband Ha/OIII filter [29 x 300s = 2:25 total exposure]

Processed with PixInsight and Adobe Photoshop.

Annotation available on Astrobin

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Hey Greg, beautiful image, colors and processing.   You did a very good job here for 2.25 hours!



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@terri Thanks, Terri!  Yes, unfortunately I never got back to it to get more time on it.  It's tough for me to get the 'real' Pillars from my location, so it was fun to capture this one!


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