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Reply Here to Test your Forum Access

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This "Post Testing" forum was created to provide a place for members to test their forum posting ability.

If you find yourself wondering....

  • Can I reply to threads?
  • How do I attach a file?
  • Can I post a hot-link into a reply?

then this is the place to try it and make sure it's what you expect before you commit to doing it in one of our active discussion forums.

Any new threads created here will be deleted periodically once they're served their purpose for the person testing.

Paul Walker
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This is a test post.  It used to be when someone posted a reply to a topic the autogenerated email included a link directly to that post.  Since Scott fixed the security issue these notice and reset things, the auto notification has a link to the topic which brings you to the first post rather than the latest post.

I am mucking around with the settings for auto notifications for replies to postings trying to get it back to the way it was.


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The behavior you describe is not what I'm seeing when clicking on links in e-mailed reply notices.

Using gmail web mail, and clicking on the link at the top of the reply notice e-mail takes me directly to that reply in the thread.

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